Always Prefer
Roadside masala chai over Starbucks on most days

Cheap thrills; how I troll people

  • Steadying bike speed with a stranger’s and then fake shooting them
  • Sending friends earwax removal YouTube videos at odd hours of the day
  • Sending them pictures they had sent me a few days ago

Live in the wild for a while. Catch fish early morning. Go for a swim in the lake, drink sweet water on the leaves.. make fire and bridges across little streams, and little boats. Fight off grizzly bears (no).

Traveling long distance in air conditioned cars

I enjoy coming-of-age movies a lot. Even though I would fetch very low marks on a very tough movie quiz, I watch them religiously. I wait till the credits roll out.

Specific Interests
Life hacks

I like to keep my diet as natural and organic as possible with a lot of salads and minimal grains. I do however enjoy any sort of food that I haven’t tasted before.. whether it’s total junk or just exploring new cultures & places and the food there. So don’t be surprised if you see me at a candy shop. I don’t drink tough.. I believe in sharing food (but I do not really get to). So if you would like to eat out with me, just say hello.

Want to Learn

  • German
  • French
  • Tamil
  • Close combat mixed martial arts or street fighting

Things that catch my eye
– Indoor plants
– Movie posters

Call Me
– To watch a movie together. ANY movie! Even 90s trashy Bollywood ones
– Play cricket
– Take long walks through unexplored areas in the city