Another Goat, Another Miss

At one market today, which was so crowded you couldn’t reach your arm out, (though how I happened to make my way into the middle of that market is anybody’s guess), a little boy was pulling a goat’s head towards himself by grabbing its horns.

The boy had a wry smile on his face. But the goat was thrice his size. It may well have been a stallion for all I know. They froze in that very stance for a few frightening seconds.

And then the earth beneath them trembled, the clouds shivered, people around them flowed in and out of the frame but the pair stood dead like a rock; like the whole scene was telling me to CAPTURE IT ALREADY, GODDAMN IT!

But bless my cellphone. It is bad enough for talking, let alone taking a snap. God, what is with me and goats?

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